How to Customize Your Kajabi Product Sidebar

video walkthrough how to customize your Kajabi product sidebar

When your course members log in to their portal and enter their course, what do they see on the Kajabi product sidebar? 

Let me guess… a little line showing how many lessons they’ve completed, along with your photo and bio. 

What you may not realize is this sidebar is prime real estate where you could be promoting other offers, linking to your community, and providing value to your members.

All you have to do is click “product sidebar” on the left side of the customization screen and choose what you’d like to add. 

Some options: 

– Cross Sell allows you to add another complementary offer that your members will see each time they log in. This is good for lower-priced offers because it links directly to the checkout page (not a sales page). 

– Image can work for anything that requires a link or a download. Create a beautiful on-brand image that links to your Facebook group, a sales page for another offer, a Google Form, a downloadable workbook, or anything else you can think of. 

– Custom Block will allow an image, text, and/or CTA button, so you can use it for almost anything. 

Here’s a walkthrough video that shows you where to find these customizable options, and what it looks like to implement them:

Are your wheels turning yet?

The Kajabi product sidebar is a goldmine of possibilities!

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