Hi, I'm Kelly!

As a Kajabi specialist, I’m here to take some things off your plate and help you reach that next level of awesomeness in your small business.

How it started

I’m no stranger to the life of a small business owner. In 2011, I started my own business as a full-time wedding photographer. 

kelly benton as a wedding photographer

I quickly realized that running your own company is 20% the thing you thought you would be doing, and a whopping 80% all those other tasks.

Fortunately for me, I loved all that “other stuff!” I felt invigorated by the behind-the-scenes process running a small business – the web design, invoicing, client management, blogging, marketing, etc. I even loved tracking my finances! 

kelly benton when she was a wedding photographer

It turns out I’m a unique breed. I have a passion for creative endeavors, but a head for efficient web design and system automations. Enter my career as a Kajabi specialist.

How it's going

Fast forward to today, and I get to spend every day doing something different, which I love! I enjoy working with clients with businesses that span the spectrum.

The work is always exciting when the business owner is passionate about what they do.

kelly benton kajabi specialist with her family

When I’m not working as a Kajabi specialist, you can find me biking around downtown, hitting up a local brewery, or chasing around my kids. Sometimes we hit the trifecta and fit all three into one outing!

kelly benton kajabi specialist playing roller derby

3 Random Facts About Me

Roller Derby Skater

I spent my mid and late 20s zipping around a track on 8 wheels. I still miss that adrenaline rush!

Short-Lived TV Career

I graduated with a degree in video production and spent 4 years directing the news at local stations.

Airbnb Super Host

I've been an Airbnb host since 2012. I love introducing people to our fabulous Midwest city!