It’s Okay if You’re Not Tech Savvy

how to use kajabi when you're not tech savvy

“Oh gosh, I’m so not tech savvy!”

Does this sound familiar? It does for me because it’s what almost EVERY person who ends up hiring me says during their discovery call.

It’s okay if you aren’t “tech savvy!” Let me explain…

You Don’t Have to Be a Jill of All Trades

Listen, I may be good with tech stuff, writing, SEO, and web design, but I’m terrible at sales. Like, seriously… it’s amazing I have any clients at all. Thankfully, there are people out there who can teach me, help me, or do it for me if I want. The last option is my favorite because than I don’t have to sell anymore, plus they get to pay their bills. Win-win!

You’re Not Unique

You may feel like the only person on earth who can’t figure out the tech side of their darn sales funnel, but trust me, you aren’t. It’s just that people aren’t exactly shouting that from their sunroofs while they drive around town. I have so much experience working with these self-proclaimed tech novices that I know exactly what you need to take over your site confidently. I’m talking walkthrough videos, detailed explanations, some gentle hand-holding, and a whole month of support after your VIP Day, should any questions arise.

Tech is Constantly Changing

I’m calling you out specifically, Kajabi. They just love to change things without warning. Seriously, I can log into one client’s dashboard and it will look completely different from another’s just because Kajabi likes to roll out new features all willy-nilly-like. What this means for you, is you need to cut yourself some slack. There’s no need to waste your time learning the ins and outs of a feature that might be completely different or even obsolete in a year. That’s my job (and it’s exhausting!).

Why a Kajabi VIP Day is the Perfect Option for People Who Are Not Tech Savvy

A VIP Day is where you hire someone to work on something (like your Kajabi site) for one dedicated day.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “I’m a relationship type of gal. I’m not looking for a one-night stand.” That’s not at all what this is! My job, aside from creating you a jaw-dropping sales page, funnel, or course on your VIP Day, is to empower you to take over after the project and make the tweaks, changes, and additions that you need in the future. I do this using comprehensive videos, 30-days of email support (go ahead and send me a list of questions every week – you wouldn’t be the first person!), and a simplified teaching style that never assumes anything.

If you complete your VIP Day and you still need ongoing support, I’d be happy to connect you to a virtual assistant familiar with Kajabi who can help you with your day-to-day business inside the Kajabi platform.

When my clients hire me for a VIP Day, it’s never just a day. And more often then not, they come back again and again – any time they need a big Kajabi project tackled fast!

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