Create a Social Media Calendar: Days of the Week

how to create a simple social media calendar for your small business based on the days of the week

I’m sure you’ve heard from other small businesses that you should have a social media calendar. But why? And how do you create a simple social media calendar that’s personalized to your business?

The “why” comes down to two simple reasons. First of all, it keeps your content fresh and interesting for your followers. Second, it keeps you from scrambling every day trying to figure out what to post.

A social media calendar doesn’t have to be some lofty idea that you spend days plotting out and agonize over implementing. Below is an example of a super simple social media calendar that I created for a wedding photographer.

About the Client

This wedding photographer would love to post every day, but isn’t very consistent. She struggles with days where she wants to post a pretty photo but doesn’t know what to say about it. For her, we’ve set up a simple day of the week calendar, which tells her what types of things she should be discussing based on what day it is. 

Monday – Behinds the Scenes

These posts are typically a photo of her working, followed by a fun fact, tidbit, or funny story about her job.

Tuesday – This or That

She posts 2 photos of a dress, bouquet, decor item, hairstyle, etc, and asks her followers which they like better. She has to ensure this is all done in the friendliest of terms, which means she might say something like “I’m dying over these two amazing ball gowns. Which would you pick for your big day?”

Wednesday – Wedding Planning Tip

With her extensive wedding experience, she has a lot of wedding planning tips to pass along to her clients. Not only do they benefit from these nuggets of wisdom, but she’s helping to mold her future clients to plan their wedding day the way she likes. For instance, she might do a post about how helpful “first looks” are for a wedding day timeline.

Thursday – #throwbackthursday

This is simply a day to share one of her favorite photos from a past wedding.

Friday – Vendor Spotlight

These are posts where she gives a shout out to a local wedding vendor, posts a beautiful photo of their item or service, and tags them. It’s great for networking and encouraging sharing.

Saturday/Sunday – Personal

She uses the weekend to share about herself. She can talk about what she’s doing that day, what’s going on around town, or just post a cute photo of her dog.

Why this Works

The benefit of this type of content calendar is even if she misses a day (or 3 or 4), she can easily pick back up on the new day’s topic. When wedding season is in full swing, she can substitute any of these days for posting photos of her most recent wedding. If she wants to plan out content for the entire month, she can do so easily using a calendar printout, planner, or spreadsheet.

A Personalized Social Media Calendar for Your Business

Every small business has different needs when it comes to sharing content. Your followers are unique and expect things to be catered to them. Let me show you how to create a simple social media calendar and content strategy for your unique small business. You’ll be amazed at how much time this will free up!