5 Steps to Create a Lead Magnet Funnel in Kajabi

create a lead magnet in kajabi

So, you’ve got a killer idea for a lead magnet.

It came to you in the shower or in the middle of the night or while your kid was telling you some nonsensical story about a frog at recess.

It doesn’t matter where it came from… just that it’s now there. Stuck in your brain, chewing a hole at a snail’s pace that’s just annoying enough to make it the only thing you can think about.

Sure, you could update your Quickbooks, write a newsletter, or schedule that coffee chat you’ve been meaning to get around to. But instead, you’ll choose to put off all other work so you can get this brilliant idea out into the world. 

(No judgment. My brain works the same way.)

And once it’s complete, you’re left with something that people are going to seriously love. But all that annoying tech setup is standing in your way.

The 5 Things You Need to Create a Lead Magnet Funnel

Let’s break this down and take it one step at a time.

1. Opt-In Page

Elaborate or simple, you need to tell people what they’re getting and why they should want it. At the bare minimum, your opt-in page should say what the freebie is, what it helps with, and how they can get it (usually an opt-in form).

2. Opt-In Form

This is where your lead trades their name and email for what you’re offering. Make sure you make it clear that they’re signing up for your email list as well! Make your form simple, clear, and easy to read. We don’t want anything standing in their way!

3. Thank You

Once your lead submits the form, you have two options. You can either have a thank you message pop up in its place, or you can redirect them to a thank you page so they know their submission was successful. Briefly explain to them what happens next – should they check their email or will they get it right away?

4. Freebie

Whether you make it immediately downloadable or you send it via email, you need to make sure this part has no hiccups. There’s nothing worse than signing up for a freebie that you never get!

5. Automations

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tag or segment your new lead. But the most important part is you’ll want the form to trigger an automation to add them to a welcome sequence (after all – that’s the whole point, right?).

If you’d like to dive a little deeper into the setup of your lead magnet funnel, check out my free Kajabi checklist. It’ll walk you through more than 40 tasks to get your paid or free offer out into the world!

Now stop letting your ideas pile up in a Google Drive folder! It’s time to create a lead magnet and get your awesome content into the hands of the people who need it!