Kajabi: Email Broadcast vs Email Sequence

Do you know when you should use a Kajabi email broadcast instead of a sequence (and vice versa)?

I see people miss-use these tools all the time, so here’s a quick rundown:

Email broadcasts should be used…

  • When you want your emails to go out on a specific date and time (IE Thursday, March 3 at 2pm ET).
  • When you need to send emails surrounding an event (IE your doors are about to close or you just hosted a live webinar).
  • When you’re sending an email or newsletter to your list and want them to all receive it on the same day.

Email sequences should be used…

  • When you want your emails to go out on a timed basis (IE day 1, day 3, day 8).
  • When you need to send an email triggered by an automation (IE when someone purchases a course or when someone submits a form).
  • When you want your contact to travel through a series of emails in a specific order (IE a welcome or nurture sequence).

Let’s play with some examples:

Q – You want to send a welcome email to someone after they purchase a course. This email should be sent immediately upon purchase.

A – Email Sequence (you can also add an email inside the offer, but I highly prefer email sequences because you can send multiple different offers to the same sequence)

Q – You want to send a sales email to everyone who purchased course A but has NOT yet purchased course B.

A – Email Broadcast

Q – You want to set up a welcome sequence for anyone who signs up for your email list.

A – Email Sequence

Q – You’re hosting a live webinar. People sign up to the webinar using a form, which registers them for an event.

A – Email Sequence (you can also add emails directly inside the event, which is super helpful for pre- and post-webinar communication!)

Q – You’re launching a course and want to send a sales email at the same time every day for 5 days, then 3 emails on the last day.

A – Email Broadcast (cloning is your friend) OR a combination of an email sequence for the first 5 emails plus 3 email broadcasts on the last day

Hopefully that clears things up and gives you some ideas for how you can be utilizing email sequences to automate your business even further. You can receive great tips like this sent straight to your inbox by signing up for my weekly newsletter!